Reasons to Use an E Cigarette

Many people today are embracing the use of electronic cigarettes and abandoning the old age tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that traditional cigarettes are proving to be a health hazard and very expensive. Some of the reasons why e-cigs are a better smoking option include:

1. Affordability: When compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are more affordable. With a single electronic cigarette kit lasting more than 2 weeks, it is much cheaper considering the kit costs a little less than one packet of tobacco cigarettes. A little math on this, an average smoker can use up one cigarette packet in a day, this means he/she will use around 10 of them in two weeks. The same smoker can be satisfied by a single e-cig, which can last longer than the 10 packets.

2. E-cigs are a safer choice: Unlike tobacco cigarettes that burn to produce more than 20 toxic gases, smoke and tar, an e-cig gives out water vapor as the by product. These toxins are the main reason why most smokers suffer from TB, lung infections and even cancer. In addition to this, traditional cigarettes support secondary smoking, meaning anyone living with a smoker becomes a secondary smoker by default. Using an e-cig is therefore much safe as only nicotine (in vapor form) is availed for satisfaction, and does not support secondary smoking.

3. Environment friendly: With the world suffering from global warming due to carbon emissions, the need to switch to greener products is recommended. E-cigs score all points in this, in that, only water vapor is released to the air during a vaping process. This is unlike tobacco cigarettes that produce smoke and 29 other toxic gases that contribute to global warming too. In addition to this, tobacco cigarettes produce too much waste in the form of ash and filter remains. E-cigs are however refillable hence more eco-friendly.

4. Improved smoking experience: Most states and governments have banned cigarette smoking in public places, and designated smoking zones for smokers. This can be a great inconvenience especially if you cannot identify a smoking zone to go to. E-cigs are however not included in this ban, meaning one can use them anywhere for as long as he/she doesn’t intrude other people’s privacy. In addition to this, one can choose for an improved vaping experience from over 20 flavors. Tobacco cigarettes are however limited to very few flavors.

If you have not yet embraced e-cigs, you are then endangering your lungs and those you love. Consider using this safer option and will get to experience many more benefits from the same.