My Story

I Received An E-Cig For My Birthday

ecigaretteandmeIt was my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago, and my sister surprised me by giving me an e-cig as a present. That was definitely something that I did not expect. She has been going on at me for years to give up smoking, as she has never touched them herself. In fact there is only one other person in the family that smokes, and that is my 72 year old uncle. I guess I started due to peer pressure while I was in college.

To keep my sister happy I decided to give the e-cig a try to see what it was like, as I had often wondered how they worked and what they tasted like. To my surprise I found it quite good. In fact I then promised my sister that I would make my birthday the final day that I smoked. So that is exactly what I did, and the following day I gave up and since then I have been using only the e cig that my sister bought for me.

The reason I have never given up before is the thought that it would be difficult, however that has not proved to be the case, and with these new devices I have found it easy.